UK and EU Students – Missed the 15th January UCAS Deadline? What You Can Do.

So 15th January 2020, has come and gone. For whatever the reason you haven’t submitted your application, but you still want to apply to start university this Autumn. The good news is that there are still a lot of courses which accept applications. The bad news is that some choices will not be open anymore, especially at some of the most competitive universities and courses.

Let us focus on what you can do to get your application in.

Apply ASAP
The first point is that you should look to apply as soon as possible. The reason for this is that after the 15th January UCAS deadline, courses can close as soon as they are full. Whilst some courses will remain open until the summer, if you know what you want to do it’s not worth the risk of waiting.

Confirm the Space Exists
Whilst the university’s website and other sources may indicate that a space is still available, it is always worth confirming with the university. This should be done to ensure you do not waste one of your five choices.

Open a UCAS Account
If you haven’t already, open a UCAS account and begin to complete the information. You will begin to feel more in control. If there are any aspects of the process you weren’t aware you needed to do, it will help flag them so that you can deal with them.

If you need support at any stage of the university application process, then Go Enrol’s professional consultants are ready to help.