January 9, 2015


Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Go Enrol’s University Consultant Service.

Q: What is the Go Enrol University Consultant Service?

A: It supports students in applying for UK universities at undergraduate level.

Q: How does the Go Enrol University Consultant Service work?

A: Our service is flexible to what you need. That is why we charge per hour. These are the stages we work though:

1) We will schedule a phone call with you, the student. During this first call we will aim to establish a timeline for the application process, the type of courses which you want to study and your academic background.
2) Together we will create a shortlist of places for you to consider studying. This will take into consideration your academic background, budget and other preferences.
3) Drafting and finalising your personal statement.
4) A final review of your applications.
5) Submitting your applications.
6) Deciding which course offers to accept.
7) You enrol on your university course.

Q: How do I pay?

A: Payments for our service are done through the secure payment platform Paypal. You can see a step-by-step guide here.

Q: What is a personal statement?

A: A personal statement is an essay which is written by people applying for an undergraduate course at a UK university.

Q: How long does a personal statement need to be?

A: A personal statement must be no more than 47 lines and 4,000 characters long. This includes all letters, spaces and punctuation. You can read more about the challenges in our article.

Q: How can Go Enrol help my personal statement?

A: We can help in several situations. The most common situation is that you have already written a draft and want a professional to check whether you are writing clearly, about the right type of topics and to proofread for any mistakes. What is important is that it is your voice, so when giving our feedback and suggested edits we work hard to ensure it remains personal to you.

Q: I have written not one word of my personal statement. Can Go Enrol help me?

A: Yes. In this situation we would recommend you choose one of our packages where you will speak to a member of our team via Skype. They will brainstorm with you about what you could include and how best to make your case. Following this conversation and you successfully having a first draft complete we will do a further review of it.

Q: Will Go Enrol write my personal statement for me?

A: No. We do not write personal statements for students.

Q: Will a native English-speaker do the review of my personal statement?

A: Yes. Every personal statement is reviewed by an English speaker who has graduated from a British university.

Q: Who are Go Enrol?

A: Go Enrol is an award winning British company which has helped students in over 180 countries discover academic courses.

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